Managing cloud infrastructure is hard

How do you make real-time decisions to optimize your cloud computing environment when you have up to 1 Billion data points rushing at you every hour? It’s a new paradigm and there was nothing equivalent to Application Performance Management in the infrastructure space until now. YotaScale is Infrastructure Performance Management.


Machines should manage machines

Imagine a world where there are no obstacles to launching new revenue producing applications and ensuring that customer satisfaction is high - optimal response times, availability, security and no headaches. Achieving the right balance is tough - too much data and too many decision to make. And how do you even think about optimizing in real time? People can't manage machines. Machines should manage machines.

Spend more time focused on growing revenue - build and launch new applications, optimize to match your business priorities, and put an end to wasted time poring over reports, creating spreadsheets and talking to cloud support. YotaScale eliminates errors and frustration, saves you time and reduces your cloud costs anywhere from 5% to 30%.


Infrastructure Performance Management for the Cloud

YotaScale’s vision is to do for infrastructure what APM tools do for applications. This requires not only profound knowledge of cloud infrastructure, but of machine learning and data science. Yotascale delivers a wide spectrum of services ranging from benchmarking (to establish a baseline for optimization), to contextual analytics, to optimization, to smart capacity planning and advanced operations.

Rice University Cloud Computing Benchmark 2016

AWS Instances with similar performance can have up to 450% price-performance difference.

New York Times

LinkedIn or Facebook can offer a (cloud computing) engineer with a few years’ experience a package close to $1 million.

Wall Street Journal exclusive on YotaScale

By Deborah Gage

Cloud computing is both affordable and reliable enough that is … read more

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