Cloud Control

Managing AWS cloud infrastructure is a challenge - a lot of data, little insight, no control. It’s a new paradigm. There was no enterprise-grade systems management platform to deal with the complexity. Now there’s YotaScale.


Cloud Systems Management

Cloud computing delivers incredible agility, but it’s complicated - multiple computers, a variety of business models, multiple locations. Managing performance, security, availability and cost, right down to the application level, is hard. Doing it manually is NOT optimal. We think it’s time for a change. Eliminate errors, frustration and higher costs.

Managing cloud resources should be simple and intuitive. Machines should manage themselves. YotaScale not only improves your ROI, but it frees up valuable resources to work on the really important things.



For years, millions of computers and yottabytes of storage were managed by traditional systems management software from BMC, Oracle and IBM.  Recently, Amazon and others have started to deliver compute and storage as a cloud service. This enabled companies to build applications at a scale we've never seen before with thousands of servers and terabytes of storage.  Clearly, NO software built to manage traditional on-premises infrastructure can be used to manage compute & storage delivered as cloud services.

At YotaScale we believe that people shouldn’t be managing machines. We think machines should be managing machines. This is hard to do. It requires not only profound knowledge of cloud infrastructure but of machine learning and data science. We are building a self managing platform that autonomously understands your workloads. It uses deep learning to optimize them for performance, cost and security based on best practices and your business priorities.

YotaScale, with a "born in the cloud" engineering team, is building the cloud systems management software for the future.


Rice University Cloud Computing Benchmark 2016

AWS Instances with similar performance can have up to 450% price-performance difference.


New York Times

LinkedIn or Facebook can offer a (cloud computing) engineer with a few years’ experience a package close to $1 million.

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Mark Field

CTO, Thermo Fisher Scientific in Wall Street Journal

Leave (AWS) computing tasks processing through the weekend… (is) like someone leaving the shower running in your house all weekend long.


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