YotaScale Continuous Optimization

It’s easy to scale up your infrastructure, but over-provisioning and waste are byproducts.  You acquire resources when you need them or in anticipation of a future event, but large teams, in particular, encounter challenges effectively tracking what’s needed and what can be turned off. YotaScale Continuous Optimization identifies waste so you can boost your AWS infrastructure efficiency and capitalize on discounts that Amazon provides when you buy reservations.

ML models analyze your application workloads and,  based on thousands of best practices, give you relevant and contextual recommendations that can be implemented immediately.  Measure time to value in minutes.  Get more done and ensure your environment is healthy, efficient and scalable.  

Make an impact now.

For example:

You use DynamoDB extensively. Yotascale analyzes the usage pattern of one of your tables and determines that they were only using 50% of their provisioned capacity month-over-month. Adjusting your provisioned resources for that one table would save $3k per month. The same analysis over all your tables results in $8k worth of monthly savings. The savings-per-month metric continues to pop-up indicating that these are not one time savings but rather ongoing.

Or, Yotascale recommends downsizing an expensive r3.8xlarge instance that was using only 5% of its CPU over a period of 30 days along with a large number of c3.xlarge instances that were using less than 10% of their compute capacity for a combined monthly saving of $3k.   

Or, Yotascale identifies $95k worth of potential savings for another customer by identifying 200+ long running instances that could be converted to reservations.

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You're in control.

01Contextually aware analysis using sophisticated AI algorithms means recommended remedial actions are customized to your environment. Go forward options and expected outcomes are clearly delineated. Take the guess work out of problem resolution and get to positive outcomes faster.
02User configurable so you adjust the parameters based on your business priorities and infrastructure constraints.
03EC2 and PaaS support is standard.

Let's get started.

We’d like to share our vision and our customer use cases with you. Let’s connect and talk about your AWS challenges to see if YotaScale is a fit for your environment.