YotaScale Anomaly Detection

Turn weeks into minutes!  Stay in control and gain time to solve more problems with tools that give dev-ops engineering teams the edge in productivity .  Algorithms identify opportunities to improve performance, utilization and reduce cost.  They explain why problems are happening so you can fix them fast. Cut down on errors and rework.  Improve workflow efficiency.  And, because it’s AI powered, the algorithms get better all the time as they learn your environment ensuring contextually customized dev-ops support.

Here’s a before and after example. 

Before: Your AWS footprint is significant. You notice a big cost jump in one of your AWS accounts and realize the issue has been going on for over two weeks. Your VPE and the DevOps lead spend a week trying to figure out what was caused the spike. You load the billing files (more than 1 GB / day) into a DB for analysis. You write queries to pull a specific dataset into a spreadsheet for further processing. Now that you’ve isolated the issue to specific instance types and days, you pull additional inventory data to figure out which owner, application and resource created this anomaly. Now you connect system CPU, disk and memory metrics to analyze the root cause.  Time elapsed:  3 weeks.

After:  YotaScale pinpoints the issue immediately – an ELB which provisioned a number of c3.4xlarge instances because of a policy change for your analytics application.  YotaScale identifies the IAM/resource owners. Time elapsed: 3 minutes.

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You're in control.

01Detect cost and utilization anomalies - sophisticated algorithms learn your AWS environment and identify the most pressing problems before they escalate.  You set the parameters, YotaScale save weeks of effort and presents issues in priority sequence.  Work on what’s most important and most urgent now and ensure the highest impact.
02Understand root causes - YotaScale Anomaly Detection delivers incisive analysis, explaining why anomalies occurred.  It’s contextually relevant to your business, and incorporates best practices from thousands of AWS users.  Get RCA fast so you can solve more problems.
03Workflow management is built in.  Assign and track outstanding issues.  Nothing falls between the cracks.

Let's get started.

We’d like to share our vision and our customer use cases with you. Let’s connect and talk about your AWS challenges to see if YotaScale is a fit for your environment.